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Department of Mechanical Engineering was started in 1979 to impart mechanical skills of highest quality to the blooming engineers. The department undertakes a powerful multi-step teaching process that threads together the latent expertise and the talents of the students and weaves out the finest mechanical engineers.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, established in 1979,is one of the oldest and finest departments. The strength of the department lies in its highly qualified and expert faculty besides its excellent non-teaching staff. To complement this is the presence of the diligent students who epitomize enthusiasm and devotion. Thus, it has been a firm resolve to keep up with the modern day trends and in the process produce erudite and conscientious engineers. The department offers both undergraduate and post graduate courses.

Bachelor of Engineering degree:
The undergraduate course aims at providing the fecund brains with rudimentary knowledge. Instructions are imparted in the areas of energy conversion, refrigeration, design of mechanical components and systems, production engineering, management techniques, computer programming, numerical analysis and Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM). Design and fabrication projects are also undertaken as part of the curriculum.

Master of Technology (M.Tech in Machine Design):
Starting in the academic year 2003-04 the department is offering M Tech. degree in machine design, with a minimum intake of 18 students every year. The program is aimed at translating theoretical knowledge to practical applications and developing strong linkage with research institutions and industrial R & D units. Under the able guidance of our faculty and visiting faculty from such prestigious institutions like the IISc. and NAL, the department endeavors to realize the potential of tomorrows design engineers.

Mechanical Engineering Association (Student Body):
The departing believes in creating a conducive environment for the faculty and students to work in.With this objective in mind, the Mechanical Engineering Association has been floated for greater student- faculty interaction. It is also a platform for industrial exposure through technical events, industrial visits and seminars. The association also has a library with 200 latest books.

Postgraduate Laboratories:-

1. Carpentry Shop - with wood cutting tools and other equipment

2. Fitting Shop - power hacksaw and all other tools required.

3. Welding and Sheet Metal shop - AC generator arrangement for arc welding,
soldering. Essential machinery and equipment for sheet cutting.

4. Smithy Shop - furnaces and other essential tools

5. Foundry Shop - facility of bench molding ,sand testing and pattern making equipment

6. Machine shop - engine lathes, drilling machines, shapers, milling machines, slotters.

7. Strength of materials lab-universal testing machine, hardness testers, impact testing machine

8. Hydraulics machines lab-working models of Pelton wheel, Francis and Kaplan turbines, centrifugal and reciprocating pumps ,notches & orifices

9. Measurement Lab -Cathode ray oscilloscope, strain gauges, dynamometers etc.

10. Energy Lab- two stroke, four stroke diesel and petrol IC engines, air blower,
Compressor, calorimeters, viscometers, planimeters

11. Heat and Mass transfer Lab - parallel and counter flow heat exchanger, apparatus for measuring heat transfer properties under natural and forced convection, steam turbine

12. Design lab-Universal vibration test rig, Strain gauge loading frame, photo elastic bench, general bearing test rig, gyroscope set-up and more.

13. CAD/CAM and Robotics lab - Pentium computers equipped with design and modeling softwares like AUTOCAD, UNIGRAPHICS, NISA,NASTRAN, CNC milling machine CNC lathe , Robot TR-5ate Programme, .TR-5ate Computer Graphics, Tribology & bearing design, Theory of elasticity, FEA, Experimental stress analysis, fracture mechanics, advanced theory of vibrations, Design for manufacturing, advanced mechanism in machine.


The following research papers published by the faculty have been The department is involved in the following projects which are undertaken by the students as part of the curriculum.

A Case study related to cutting down the Product Development Cycle. {APDAP of TCS and IISc.,Bangalore}


Product Development using CAD / CAM / CAE (Unigraphics). {CMTI}

Studies of Shrink-fit assemblies using Finite Element Analysis. {GTRE}

Investigative studies of effect of variation in composition of Elastomer on Static stiffness. {NAL}

Temperature Distribution and thermal Stress Analysis of Cemented Carbide using FEM. {WIDIA}

Re-engineering of landing gear skid shoe assembly of Advanced Light Helicopter. {HAL,NAL}

Design and Development of an Automated Guided Vehicle for FMS trainer.

Design and Modelling of Servo Gear Train for the Surface Actuator.

Parametric studies on load carrying capacity of inserts embedded in honey comb sandwich plates (presented at ISAMPE national conference on composites and national seminar on AEROSPACE Structures). {ISRO}

Awarded recognition on the whole:-

“Fracture Behavior of Interface Cracks in Bi-Materials Orthotropic Composite materials”---Prof. D.Hemanth

“Thermal Stress Analysis of Cryogenic Heat Treated Carbide Tools using Finite element method”---Mr. B.S Ajay Kumar

“Failure Analysis of High Speed Turbine Shaft”---Mr. B Gurudatt

“Stress Distribution and Evaluation of Stress Concentration factor in Fir-Tree Roots of Hollow Turbine Rotor Blade”---Dr. T Jagadish and Mr. R Ramesh Babu

“Cold Expansion Technology for Fatigue Life Enhancement of Mechanical components”---Mr. N.C Mahendra Babu


Faculty Members Designation

Dr.M.Venkata Rama Reddy. M.E., Ph.D

Professor & HOD

Dr. Gurudatt B Professor
Dr. Shashidhar K N
Dr. Satish. K Professor
Dr. Ajay kumar, B.S Professor
Dr. Vidyashankar. S Professor
Dr. Sree Rama Reddy. T V
M.V. Chandrashekar, M.E.
R. Ramesh Babu, M.E. Asst.prof.
B.H. Srinivasa, M.E. Asst.prof.
N. Satish, M.E. Asst.prof.
Aswatha, M.E Sr.Gr.Lecturer
Reddappa. H N Sr.Gr.Lecturer
Manjunatha M.C Sr.Gr.Lecturer
Honne Gowda Sr.Gr.Lecturer
Prasanna Kumar M.K Sr.Gr.Lecturer
Ravi V C Lecturer
Praveen Kumar M R, M.Tech Lecturer
Umesh G.L, M.Tech Lecturer
Shantala N.L, M.Tech Lecturer
Nagaraj. C, M.Tech Lecturer
Ravindra. K.G
Hemanth Kumar C.B, M.Tech Lecturer
Suresh C, M.Tech Lecturer
Chetan Byrappa, M.Tech Lecturer
S.M. Jay Dev, M.Tech Lecturer
E.R. Babu, M.Tech Lecturer
S.M. Jay Dev, M.Tech Lecturer
E.R. Babu, M.Tech Lecturer
B.V. Lingesh, M.Tech Lecturer
Girish. B, M.Tech Lecturer
H.N. Prem Kumar, M.Tech Lecturer
Chandra Shekar .A, M.Tech Lecturer


Faculty Members Designation
Dr. Jagadish. T (Deptation to VTU) Professor & Coordinator PG Studies
Dr. Ravikumar. B.N Professor
Rudresh. B M, M.Tech Sr.Gr.Lecturer