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BIT Secured 24 Ranks in VTU examinations during 2011-12
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Technology For Prosperity

Bangalore Institute Of Technology came into existence   in Aug. 1979, under the auspices of Vokkaligara Sangha, Bangalore with an intake of 242 students. The present strength of the institute is 2510. The institute is provided with the necessary modern infrastructural facilities. BIT has high qualified and experienced teachers. Several companies have recruited BITians. It is of pride and jubilation that the students of BIT are spread all over the world and are holding important positions as engineers and technologists.

From Campus

BIT has secured 24 VTU Ranks

I-Rank : Abhinav V. Rao, EEE

I-Rank : Pradeep V. B. Mechanical Engg

I-Rank : Harshitha M.R. Telecom

II-Rank : Ankusk H, CSE

II-Rank : Nagarjun, B, IEM

II-Rank : Gaurav Singh, IT

II-Rank : Meera Joe, M.Tech, Civil

III-Rank : Aarthi, IEM

III-Rank : Sree Harsha S. M.Tech, Civil

III-Rank : Divya Bharathi, Telecom

IV-Rank : Shakthidhar H.B, EEE

V-Rank : Snigdha Kundu, IEM

V-Rank : Arpitha A. C, Telecom

VI-Rank : Priyadarshini, CSE

VI-Rank : Jhenkar M.D, IT

VI-Rank : Nisha sagatani, Telecom

VII-Rank : Manasa S, IEM

VII-Rank : Sukruthi Gupta, IT

VII-Rank : Manish Kumar, IT

VII-Rank : Swathi M. Rao, Mechanical

VII-Rank : Swetha S.T, MCA

VIII-Rank : Ashwini S.N, IEM

VIII-Rank : Sadiq S, Mechanical

X-Rank : Revathi T, Telecom