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The Department of Chemistry came into existence with the establishment of the institution in the year 1979. The department is presently headed by Dr. Y.S. Bhat. who is duly supported by well qualified and experienced staff members.

The staff members of the department are actively engaged in teaching engineering and post graduate students in chemistry. Guiding research students leading to Ph.D's and book writing. Several research projects procured by the department are sponsored by GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. A DST sponsored project has been successfully completed. An SRF is working for his Ph.D on an ongoing BRNS project on environmental pollution funded by THE DEPARTMENT OF ATOMIC ENERGY, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. One more project on the synthesis of ultra large pore materials sponsored to the department by DST .

A pride possession of the department is the state of art Surface Area Analyzer which can provide pore size and pore volume distribution of solid materials. Computer hardware and software facility includes a 333Mhz COMPUTER with a laser printer purchased through the research grant. Specialized software is used for the data analysis including Oracle chrome pack for gas chromatograph and data reduction software for surface area analyzer.

Several research papers have been published by the staff members of the department in national and international journals. One of the papers on catalysis has bagged the HINDUSTAN PLATINUM award at the 12th NATIONAL SYMPOSIUM on CATALYSIS. The staff members of the department have written several books out of which Chemistry for Engineering Students and Pre-University have been widely referred by the students.


* Important infrastructure includes a well equipped laboratory for conducting research work leading to Ph.D. in the fields of Catalysis, Adsorption and Clay Chemistry.

* VTU has recognized the DEPARTMENT‘S LABORATORY as research center. Equipment such as Microwave reactor,Surface Area Analyzer, Gas, Chromatograph, Vapourphase reactor are being used for research.

* Organized National Workshop on Catalysis in February2007 in association with Catalysis Society India.

* Published 17 papers in international journals and 12 papers in proceedings of National Symposium/Workshop/Conference and filed one Indian patent.


Name of the staff Designation
Dr.Y.S. Bhat, MSc, Ph.D Prof & HOD
Dr.Durga Nageshwari. MSc, Ph.D Professor.
D.R.Meena. MSc Asst.Prof.
B.M.Chandrashekar. MSc Senior Grade Lecturer.
B. C Basavaraj MSc Sr. Gr. Lecturer
Dr. C. Ravindra Reddy. MSc, Ph.D Lecturer
N.Suresha M.Sc. Lecturer
M.A.Veena M.Sc. Lecturer